All new in 2017

People are asking us what is happening with our company. So here a quick note why we are growing in several directions at once and what to expect from us in the next year.

We have been in business since 2015 primarily focusing on Plaster and Stucco. In the past two years we took a number of projects from helping a flipper completely gut and redo the house they bought to outdoor structures, store fronts, waterproof bathrooms, to building fancy houses in Montana.I will show some of the most peculiar ones at the end.
Steve has worked on plaster and stucco since 1988 – almost 30 years and definitely became one of the most experienced plastered in the area. His goal in starting his own company was to continue creating high-quality art-like plaster and stucco. It took at least a year to get our name out, but we do get these projects on a regular basis now.
In addition to many requests for non-so artistic projects – patching holes (in lath and plaster, Venetian plaster, stucco – you name it), fixing water damage, party damage (15 holes in a house in LO), whole-house dry wall installation and so on. So we started growing our company, adding more people to be able to help everybody even with not-so-artistic jobs. We also started installing windows and doors on a regular basis.
Lately, we added another branch, we now do siding and roofs.
What is in store for 2017? Well, we hope it’s going to be a good year for us! We now have three branches in the company and are going to push on in all three directions:
* Fancy plaster (Venetian, Water-proof, Fresco and out own proprietary custom finishes). i guess I’ll include
* Every-day plaster and dry wall projects including rehab
* All outdoor projects – plaster, siding and roofs.
Check out our web site. Look at our projects and services (here are some of the most peculiar ones from the last couple of years).
Give us a call – we are glad to help!

The Basement Remodel

project_01 Celeing-900

The outcome of the basement remodel turned out exceptionally well. The homeowner converted the unused 4’-high crawlspace into a daylight basement with skip trowel ceiling, Tuscan walls, concrete counter-tops and  new bathroom with Jacuzzi tub.

We took the uneven foundation and turned it into a shelf that goes around the perimeter.

Finished Basement 10-900 Finished Basement 11-900

I was able to do the concrete counter-tops and they turned out really well. The shelf stands out in the room. We chose a light yellow hue for the cement to brighten up the area.

Finished Basement (3)-900 Finished Basement (12)-900

The ceiling turned out to be a bit of a challenge, as we had to go around the newly installed furnace system, account to for all the angles and still allow adequate head room, especially in the bathroom. We utilized the low ceiling to put in mood lighting. The kitchen got several bright can lights in addition to mood lights.

Celeing-900 Finished Basement (2)-900

I normally prefer to use colored plaster, but on the request of the home owner, used the special Miller paint that reflects sunlight to make the daylight basement look brighter. Used the same paint on the ceiling, just ½ diluted with white.

Bath-5-900 Texture Bath-1-900

What we have done, is taken a crawl space and converted it into a lovely beautiful daylight basement with tones of room and a lot of personality.

Self-insulating blocks work-around

We smoothed out some walls today. The whole exterior wall on the second floor was made out of special blocks that carry their own insulation.


It’s a pretty cool idea. The locks are made out of wood chips. They serve as support and insulation – all in one.


We smoothed them out with plaster and this way saved the homeowner quite a bit of money and time. With the traditional dry wall, they would have to frame the wall, install dry wall, texture and paint. Plaster creates its own finish and can be tinted, so no paint is ever needed.



What We Do


We offer High quality artisan construction, stucco and plaster repair and installation.

  • Finished Basements
  • Lath & Plaster Repairs
  • Light Commercial
  • Ornamental Plaster Repair
  • Exterior Stucco Additions & Repair
  • Foundation Repair


Stucco Exterior Remodel

We helped repair the stucco exterior on a remodel project. There had been a lot of existing damage that we had to fix. So many small and large patches to do.

Since we were already there, the homeowner decided to move some windows around. Things like that happen a lot. As the project develops, new ideas come along.

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Plaster and Stucco

We specialize in plaster and stucco. including; lath and plaster repair, colored artisan plaster, Venetian plaster, custom texturing and texture matching. No job is too large or too small. We welcome creative and custom finishing ideas and are up to the challenge of turning your dreams into reality.

Working in Oregon and Washington since 1988. We know our trade.